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Please provide your previous landlord details as it is now required by the Council to obtain landlord references for all tenants

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Please ensure that you enter all university details below and include a copy of your ID with the documents you submit if you have received one from your university. This is for Council Tax purposes

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Your nominated guarantor should be earning £14,000 per annum either in full time employment or self employment, be living in the UK, and a home owner. If they do not meet the criteria, please tell us below. If you cannot nominate a guarantor, please put N/A in each field

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Students MUST verify their identity normally with Passport and University ID Card

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NOTE:- Should you not have a Passport check HERE for other acceptable proofs.

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I consent to my details being used in line with the privacy policy of Carvels Lettings.

I declare that the information I have provided on this form is true and correct.

I give my consent to the information being used by credit reference companies, existing/previous landlords/letting Agents, accountants, current and future employers etc.

I understand that you will keep a record of any searches/references on their files and that the results of any findings will be passed to the Managing Agent / Landlord and if an application is refused, for whatever reason, NO explanation will be given.

I understand that this information may be used in the pursuit of debt tracing and fraud prevention. I agree that information given by credit reference companies will be shared with the letting agent and landlord and that this information may also be accessed again if I apply for or guarantee a tenancy in the future.

I agree that the referees listed in my application may be contacted by the landlord, agent or referencing company.

I authorise you to contact my current / previous landlords/landlord agents and employers in order to verify the information I have submitted on my application form for a property tenancy. Strict confidentiality will be observed in the processing of this application.

I hereby indemnify Carvels Lettings provided that Carvels Lettings is managing the Property or the Landlord in the event that Carvels Lettings has not been instructed by the Landlord to manage the Property against any default in the payment of rent, damages for the use of occupation, damages for repairs, other damages and any other payment or non-performance and observance of the Tenant(s) that may occur as a result of the tenancy or further occupation of the property after the expiry of the tenancy whether under a statutory continuation thereof or not. The liability is for the immediate payment of any breach of the terms and provisions of the tenancy agreement.

If a Tenancy Agreement is entered into in respect of this Property then I agree that the Initial Holding Deposit I supply shall be credited in its entirety against the rent payable under the Tenancy Agreement for this property.

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