Students Guide To Renting Property

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Things to consider when looking for student accommodation in Norwich.
Types Of Student Accommodation 

  • Halls Of Residence
  • House Sharing
  • Room In a Private House
  • Private Flats
  • Private Sector Halls Of Residence

Halls Of Residence

  • Popular with first year students (2nd year students usually rent privately)
  • Gives you chance to settle in and make new friends
  • Usually located on campus                                      
  • Often provide other services like room cleaning/washing etc..
  • You'll need to sign a Residence Agreement (approx 44 weeks)
  • Usually scarce in supply so don't hang about in applying
  • Approximate cost £140 per person per week

 House Sharing 

  • The most common type of sharing amongst students (especially in the second year)
  • Most rooms come fully furnished with the basics: wardrobe, desk, bed etc..
  • You can group together with people you already know (rather than starting out with complete strangers)
  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Approximate cost £100 per person per week

Private Flats 

  • Sounds ideal but it can be costly if you're on your own
  • Consider transport costs on top, to and from the campus
  • Extra bills that are sometimes already included when you house share with others: water, internet connection, electricity, gas etc..
  • Approximate cost £150 per person per week

Private Sector Halls Of Residence 

  • Similar to halls on university campus but privately run
  • Often fitted out to higher standards than university halls
  • You'll meet lots of other people from different backgrounds
  • Approximate cost £165 per person per week

Other Things To Consider When Establishing Your Accommodation Budget 

  • Paying your rent is your number one priority and once a Tenancy Agreement has been signed you have to pay for the term of that agreement, even if you decide to move out!
  • Utility bills (Gas, electric) MAY add as much as £50 per week during winter months
  • All properties rented usually provide an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) which will give you an idea of how energy efficient the property is that you're considering
  • You'll need to consider the added cost of a TV license if you rent the property on a shared basis. If your have an individual tenancy for your room but share communal areas, then you'll need a license for all TV's in the house
  • As a full-time student you are exempt from paying council tax. Get a Council Tax Exemption Certificate from your university's Accommodation Office to prove you are a full-time student.
  • The cost of contents insurance can be high so it's a good idea to shop around for companies that offer specialist student policies. Ask your universitiy's Accommodation Office if they can help or know of any special offers they can pass on to you

As letting agent specialists, we have many years experience working with students and can match you with your ideal property. 

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